Church Impressions

When I saw this church in Philadelphia (photographed by Manuel Romaris), I remembered in how many churches I had tried to retreat. In Denmark, with a sailship hanging down from the ceiling, in Harlem, New York, for a Gospel-worship (great music and enthusiasm!), in Cologne Cathedral (very international), in a small Bavarian church with my daughter performing a prayer as a tribute to Janis Joplin, etc.

title=”Philadelphia” – photo by Manuel ROMARÍS, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

below: Cologne cathedral, window (2); then (3): flickr music video in a Bavarian church, at last (4) chapel in East Germany, Baltic Sea

last church impression: chapel in Vitt, island of Ruegen, Baltic Sea, where I’ve been with my mother, short before her suicide…
Vitt -  dorp in het noorden van het eiland Rügen / village in the North of the island of Rügen
title=”Vitt – dorp in het noorden van het eiland Rügen / village in the North of the island of Rügen” – photo by dietmut

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5 responses to “Church Impressions


    Thats a very historical church here in Philadelphia. The guard is somewhat disconcerting still. I love your church strumming and her clear voice!


  2. To see the Reugen/Vitt church must be very emotive for you.


  3. Oh that exit out the church door of Rugen is so full of poignancy . . .


  4. schöne Melodie en vielen Dank für Aufnahme meines Fotos. Wie traurig, dass wuste ich nicht von Deiner Mutter. Liebe Grüsse und schönes Wochenende, Dietmut


  5. A church or an other religious building is a mirror of the people around


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