Every Tuesday, step by step, I’m walking with my readers from A to Z, last week we had the “O”-challenge, so this week we’ll take “P” – I’m sure you’ll also find a photo, a story or a music title tagged with “P”! Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “P”!!! Myself I’ll focus on Pittsburgh:


City of Steel - Pittsburgh [Explored]
title=”City of Steel – Pittsburgh” – photo by Raji Vathyam, on Flickr

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44 responses to “PPP-Challenge

  1. Everyone knows that fruit is good for you! Please have a look at


    • hi Debbie,
      I was surprised by your storytelling:

      “1 – The noisiest palm nut forager has to be the elephant. You might not realise it, but the elephant is normally a very quiet animal; its padded feet make very little sound as it walks… –

      2 …He simply grabs the tree trunk with his own trunk and gives a mighty shake. The sound of the rumbling vibrations and cascading nuts can be heard from miles across the open countryside… –

      3 … The youngster tried to copy but just didn’t have the strength to move the large tree…”

      a triple PPP-storytelling award!


  2. Here are my ‘Ps’ Frizz. Another Africa story: http://wp.me/pKVAM-ov


    • this little fragment already features the complete personality (well written!):
      ~ A Japanese tourist jumped out and began taking photographs of the distant flamingos. His driver and guide Paul Kabochi, also got out, moving more softly as was his way. He came over to me while his guest went on shooting. “Hello,” he said. “What are you doing here?” ~


  3. Hi Frizz!
    I had a very good time with your PPP….
    Hope you like it!
    Good night!


  4. Incredible skyline in The City of Steel = Pittsburg.
    Here’s a bit of a parable/fable.


    • of course a good resume: “…It could be a partner, a relationship, a habit or obsession. These things could bring her danger and could be impossible to let go of. He wanted her to believe that with her own inner strength of love of self she could let go of these things and still be whole…”


  5. me on guitar,
    songs with “P”:

    08 pallet on the floor

    29 prodigal son

    50 penny lane


  6. In response to popular demand (or is it unpopular demand) here’s a song by Tom Paxton, of my favorite folksingers.http://bumbastories.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/tom-paxton-song-my-ladys-a-high-flying-dove/


  7. Can you believe I’m back already with my Polish “P”! That’s what happens on rainy days :) Many thanks, Frizz!


  8. I knew what PPP would be … QQQ is a totally different story. Better start thinking now. Here’s PPP – http://lynneayersbeyondthebrush.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/parrots-at-montreal-biodome/


  9. Amy

    Hi Frizz, Great photos and video. Here is my take on http://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/ppp-challenge-people-population/
    I’ve learn a lot of about Pittsbugh from Francine and Ruth! Wonderful city!


  10. I love Ruth’s photography! Those bridges make Pittsburgh my kind of place. (you must know Francine in Retirement who also lives there? Our ever expanding blogging world :)


  11. I can’t think of a better P to highlight than our beautiful city, Pittsburgh! Thanks for the shout-out Frizz. Pluperfect!


  12. the panorama of Pittsbugh with its two pronged river view is so pretty. I’ve opted for a behind view


  13. I’ve also enjoyed learning about the delights of Pittsburgh through Francine’s eyes!


  14. Caddo

    “What a feeling!” Hi Frizz–I’m thinking I may combine my (late) “O” entry with the new “P” one–“O”therwise I may never “P”rogress….


  15. Oh I didn’t remember for Flash dance :s… And I hope Pittsburgh will not become another Detroit. It seems that Pittsburgh had a Renaissance with new industries and Research. Very far from the Pittsburgh of Flashdance


  16. I cannot resist re-posting my Story of the P’s, which uses the PPP’s, the Triple P’s or Projected Personality Profiles as its central concept for a sci-fi adventure story. It’s a bit dark and pessimistic view of what awaits us, but it offers hope. (I hope).


  17. Pittsburgh! How lovely!

    Here’s my contribution this week, Frizz. :)
    P is for Pork Knuckle and Potato Dumplings in Budapest and Bratislava. :)



    • and I’m sure, Myra, you’ll have no problems to upload a post if it comes to X in our A to Z challenge: I like the T-shirt of your travel buddy and good friend Tuting Hernandez – it’s good for A = Amsterdam too!


  18. May I present pea’s and pasta prepared with pride?

    WOOO WEEEE! Ahead for a change !


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