Pianos in public places – St. Pancras station

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Nomad Sprogg

DSCN3149There are two street pianos at St. Pancras International Station– one is located near the Eurostar arrivals gate and the other in the main shopping arcade. They may be part of UK artist Luke Jerram’s “Play Me, I’m Yours” ongoing artwork which has installed more than 700 pianos in public places in cities worldwide, but I don’t think they are because Jerram’s projects are temporary and these pianos are being regularly repaired and retuned courtesy of the station management. They are played by members of the public for a minute or an hour by day and in the evening. It’s lovely, even the occasional bum note!

On our way back home from the R.A. Australia exhibition and with 20 mins to spare before our train I managed to persuade my friend to play something on the blue piano in the main shopping arcade. She chose the  “alternative” Australian national anthem.“The…

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5 responses to “Pianos in public places – St. Pancras station

  1. Gefällt mir sehr gut!


  2. THose pianos make those places a nicer place to be in.


  3. I loved too… Thanks and Love, nia


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