Bored by Tebartz van Elst

Last week I was bored, discussing that the German bishop Tebartz van Elst took 40 million $ for his private residence. I wrote a lot for the Huffingtonpost, German version at huffingtonpost, social, frizztext – maybe praying would help more …
praying or bored?
title: “praying or bored?” – photo shot in Palermo by mym from London – kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on

related: my German version of wordpress:


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13 responses to “Bored by Tebartz van Elst

  1. It is boring for you to have to repeat this but it’s essential that we are reminded where money is actually going while we are constantly being told as ordinary citizens that we must make economies!


  2. Some individual’s sense of entitlement is totally breath-taking. When they are also a representative of religious authority, well – the word hypocrisy doesn’t seem quite big enough!!!


  3. I know this is a serious matter but your presentation of the photo made me laugh out loud!


  4. Yes. this is serious and not a joking matter! The poor bishop was deep in prayer asking the Good lord for guidance and direction regarding international exchange rates and investment options


  5. Caddo

    Praying is always good!


  6. I know it´s a serious topic and I completely agree with the position take. But you gotta give it to the guy on the picture, man if I was praying I don´t want to sit on an uncomfortable wooden chair. That freaking chair probably costs more than my house. God bless him.


  7. Most assume that the clergy caught in a moment of reverie like the photo above are pondering the divine, I think they are wondering what to have for lunch…


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