Some things are clear and very transparent to us. Why zealous speeches are made, so you can move to the next war. Advertise the latest development of really effective weapons technology! Yes I’m talking about Obama and Syria.
title=”Done” – photo by robert_rex_jackson, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
There are transparent computers, clocks and electric guitars too – what could we learn from that? Me nothing. But I did understand a transparent water pistol, my possession, when I was aged 7. Then the engineering inventions exploded and I couldn’t follow any more. But life has made ​​me wise enough now, that it is transparent for me: “You do not have much more success with high-tech guns or missiles, drones or automatic bombs!” Social things are much more complicated than engineers could understand…

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21 responses to “Transparent

  1. Those big and small cylinders are called capacitors or something, right ?
    Not so transparent for me 😛


  2. when speaking about gun and childhood games, I’m asking myself about the fascination of boys for guns….I think it was to do like the cowboys, and other heroes of movies. I don’t think it’s written in our genes, even if Violence is so..human.
    I loved to play violent video games, before….


  3. I am honored to be your inspiration. Thank you, frizz.


  4. Would that people and governments were as transparent…


  5. Really interesting Frizz, its good to learn more about you and what makes you tick!


  6. that was a Blitz-trick-chess by Moscow on Monday, 9th of Sept.: listening to the joke of Kerry in London in a press conference – and convert it to a serious strategy: the demand, that Syria allows an international control over Syrian chemical weapons. And Syria’s foreign minister agrees at once. Suddenly everything has changed for Obama…


    “Potential US strikes against the Assad regime now appear to be postponed until further notice after US President Barack Obama said he was open to a Russian plan to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control…”


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