Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Cheri Lucas Rowlands wrote for the daily post: “Snap a photo of something or someone in focus, against a blurred background.”
1 – Beauty in Bryant Park, Manhattan
lost in thought
2 – Raindrops became tear drops [after 9/11]
3 – Summertime with happy girlfriend
Running Bear
4 – Bored man in Tango Saloon
tango saloon
5 – Cat, analyzing the triangle phenomena
cat, thinking
6 – perfume bottles in focus
memory department IV
photos by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter my galleries on Flickr.com – related: Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus
I'm part of Post A Day 2013
If discussing photography, it is not enough, to put the focus on technical sophistication. Much more important: the message, maybe subtle, maybe clear. For example my 6 pictures are all the same if you analyze, if there was planned to use the trick of an optical focus. But the 6 messages are so different!!!
1 – message maybe: what makes a person beautiful?
2 – how would have been YOUR reaction to 9/11, if you would have been the president?
3 – when you met your partner for the first time: there was happiness. How do you act, to keep that state of mind alive?
4 – do you know a good procedure to get out of depression?
5 – when humor comes into your mind?
6 – are smells, odors a part of your life? when?
…maybe more and more of us are interested, to discuss the MESSAGES of pictures…

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32 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. Nice portrait picture #1!


  2. I like the 2nd picture, the focus isn’t where you would expect it to be.


  3. Very very nice shots, Frizz!!! Beautifully done!


  4. Wonderful shots, Frizz. πŸ™‚


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  6. question #2 is a good one..on reflecting, i would first do all i could to find out how and why this happened and who was responsible. and i would want to hug every single mourning family member that lost someone in that tragedy, look them in their eyes and weep with them…

    i am not good presidential material!



  7. Loved the tango & cat shots!
    Have to troll thru me own shoe box on this one..


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  9. 2812 photography

    They’re all amazing. Especially #s 2,3, and 4. The raindrops and twin towers is my favorite. Very cool.


  10. Amy

    Perfect for the focus! The second one …


  11. My favourite – number 4! Great photo.


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  13. I love the first one. It has two messages. First: we or you focus on lady, her beauty… and second she focuses on her thoughts, thinking …
    Love it πŸ™‚


  14. I had no idea how to go about this challenge. Thank you for showing the way, Frizz. NYC. Tears of rain.


  15. Forget the bored man! Those dancers are kick’ it! πŸ˜‰


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  17. All your photos are about STORY. Love!


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  20. WOW! This is great focus shot… I loved them all, Thank you dear Frizz, have a nice day, love, nia


  21. All terrific for the challenge of focus this week.


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  24. Great examples Frizz. No 1 is particularly striking.


  25. Lovely photos for this challenge.


  26. Wonderful pictures….I prefer the first one!


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  29. Love the second picture with the raindrops! All these pictures are inspiring


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