We found this abandoned dance hall, part of a riverside restaurant, on the banks of the Elbe river after the last big flood.
The hall is in Hohenwarthe near Magdeburg, Germany, Saxony-Anhalt. Maybe not only the water (from the 2013 flood) destroyed the beautiful architecture (built around 1900 I believe) but also the hate of the communism, who ruled this region for 40 years. In East Germany the joy to dance was called decadent…
I like to play on my guitar: this ol’ house …


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12 responses to “Forlorn

  1. So fitting, Frizz for this abandoned place.
    Happy Sunday! 🙂


  2. oh yes, that’s very forlorn! z


    • hi Lisa, strolling through Berlin at midnight, I noticed a graffiti painter, working with bright colors under the light of a big big lamp. Your work in my mind I asked her, where she came from. Venezuela she said:


  3. I can never understand the thinking that sees dancing as decadent.


  4. This is a very moving post. Thanks for sharing it. The music is a good fit!


  5. There must have been some wonderful nights in this beautiful old place…


  6. Hey, Frizz- let’s dance! 🙂 I can’t remember when I was decadent last.


  7. Very evocative, and its hard to imagine dancing being seen in a negative light, yet here in Scotland the Wee Free Church, many years ago now, thought the same thing. They didn’t even allow music in church, only the human voice 🙂


  8. The music is a moving backdrop to the sights of the ravaged building. Great sound.


  9. Reblogged this on FLOOD SAVVY and commented:
    If the sights of a flood ravaged building had a musical backdrop, this could be the song.


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