zebras on the walls

And more and more we find ourselves in times when natural wildness is painted only as a reminder to the walls.

Untitled by rodolphe.sebbah
Untitled, a photo by rodolphe.sebbah on Flickr.
hello Rodolphe Sebbah, merci d’envoyer votre photo à mon groupe BLOG IT, afin que je puisse présenter votre image avec la ligne de crédit et un lien dans mon blog tous les jours – J’espère que cela va soutenir votre travail!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “zebras on the walls

  1. Terrific photo and words. Well done!


  2. Frizz your mastery of languages is excellent and im pleased that I understand the French!


  3. Well said my friend well said.


  4. Sonel

    Stunning photo – sad but so true indeed and love your French Frizz. That is one language I’ve always wanted to learn but sadly it never happened. Now I talk to Google Translate..hahahah. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


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