Serious Little Owl

f  Short-eared owl IMG_0603
title=”f Short-eared owl” IMG_0603 by Harry Bursell, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!
If the seriousness and concentration ability of some animals are considered, they seem vastly superior to man.
my original comment (German):
Wenn man sich die Ernsthaftigkeit und Konzentrationsfähigkeit mancher Tiere betrachtet, scheinen sie dem Menschen haushoch überlegen.


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9 responses to “Serious Little Owl

  1. Such an expressive little creature!


  2. recently I saw a picture with a Owl in a hole of a tree. it was barely visible, as its plumage gives it a perfect camouflage. Nature is wonderful


  3. I absolutely am in awe with owls… Unfortunately, the Hindi word for owl is usually used to mean ‘foolish’. But considering that we usually make fun of those whom we’re jealous of, I’d like to think the owl doesn’t care about that! It looks pretty wise and even cute to me 🙂


  4. Sonel

    I believe all animals are vastly superior to man. The photo’s of the owls are absolutely stunning! How I would love to capture them like that! We have one here but I’ve never seen it. I can only hear it at night, calling. Such a lovely sound. 😀

    Translation of your lovely comment to Afrikaans : Wanneer die erns en konsentrasie vermoë van sommige diere beskou word, sal dit blyk asof hul veel beter is as die mens.

    Thanks for another lovely post Frizz. 😀 *hugs*


  5. How I wish to take owl’s pictures like that… Maybe you know, I have been watching an owl for a few weeks from our new home in the village. They are amazing… Thank you, love, nia


    • yes, Nia, your little owl in the chimney!
      you wrote a good poem,
      even a song lyric:
      I hate politics and politicians…
      I don’t want to talk about them….
      I closed my ears today;
      I am open to myself


  6. I love the owl shots. The first one has piercing eyes. I’m glad I’m not prey for the owl.


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