Readers Make Peace

reading is peaceful, if all would read, we had peace everywhere

Waking in the Obliquity of the Ecliptic by lorenzodom
Waking in the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, a photo by lorenzodom on Flickr.

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14 responses to “Readers Make Peace

  1. I think you’re right! I agree! 🙂


  2. You’re probably right, but wouldn’t it depend on what one reads? 😉


  3. Amy

    Yep! Well said, Frizz.


  4. Reading does come with that lovely sense of “Do Not Disturb” time, most peaceful indeed!


  5. Allyson Mellone

    “reading is peaceful, if all would read, we had peace everywhere”

    Frizz, was your Assistant Pacer Emily on the job? Because she must have done a brainwave connection to remind you that her favorite poet, who also shares her name, had the same thoughts about reading. Emily Dickinson wrote, c. 1861:

    “Read – Sweet – how others – strove –
    Till we – are stouter –
    What they – renounced –
    Till we – are less afraid –
    How many times they – bore the faithful witness –
    Till we – are helped –
    As if a Kingdom – cared!

    Read then – of faith –
    That shone above the fagot –
    Clear strains of Hymn
    The River could not drown –
    Brave names of Men –
    And Celestial Women –
    Passed out – of Record
    Into – Renown!



    • dear Allyson,
      our Emily Dickinson, rebirthed as a cat (sometimes a satanic mice & bird killer), is very happy, that you built the bridge to the original and truly peaceful Emily Dickinson!


  6. Readers are also more intelligent. I can always tell when I meet a reader, they understand what I say! No joke. TV generation cannot assimilate a) cultural anecdotes, b) humor c) complex thought sequences. It’s really sad when you think about it.


  7. Sonel

    Great shot and caption and so very true! 😀


  8. This is great touches for read a book… I agree with you. To read a book is a way also to understand the people… to understand the life… You can learn to develop “empathy” too… Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia


  9. More reading and less fighting.


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