multi media inventions

To upload a daily post (with music and photography), a multi-media entertainment, is more relaxing than only the old fashioned paper book: it’s a hard step for my generation to accept this, but step by step I begin to feel happy with all those new inventions of the last decades. I think the generations of artists, living before us, would have been glad, if there had been an internet connection…
Grandma's reading
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This statement grew in a dialog with Allyson Mellone, New York, because she wrote at comments and feedbacks: your “Comments And Feedbacks” [BLURB BOOK PRINT]is a sociological interest and can be a good primary source material for people researching oral history topics. It would be great if you can some how assemble these comments and feedbacks, pair them with images, and steam them with your music …

comments and feedbacks

Which already long dead artist would you have wished that he would have to be able to use the internet?

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14 responses to “multi media inventions

  1. Just think what Leonardo could have accomplished!


  2. I think it’s awesome… but is there somehow the option not to autoplay on loading?

    Because when ever I am checking my stream (usually listening to my own music…) this tunes in… finding a needle in a haystack.


  3. Multimedia can be very nice if you choose it. I find that sometimes it can be a distraction though. For instance, as much as I love to hear you playing, Frizz, recently there have been times when I opened you web page and music started playing immediately, without pressing the play button. If I am listening to something else, this can be a bother.


  4. Hi Frizz, I listened to you play this morning. It is very quiet in the house and your music is very soothing. I’m sitting here with my coffee, waiting to leave for my 5k race this morning and the guitar is helping me stay calm.


  5. Allyson Mellone

    Dear Frizz, I too did not grow up with internet connection. When I went to college and began working professionally there was no world wide web. I too had to adjust to learning the technology. I understand that the rapid technology of today is a hard step for your generation to accept. I read your words in your comments and I thought, “I would have never guessed that to be so in your case.” You have made the intellectual transition. You blog and inspire using the tools of the current technology 🙂

    Paper book is still my favorite why to experience knowledge and gain information. It engages my visual thoughts in a way that exercises my memory.

    Multimedia, I believe, provides a richer experience of the senses…it’s a multi-sensory experience of knowledge that is more comfortably absorbed by many people today . It provides a greater impact of focus and intent. Of course in today’s world multimedia has made knowledge and information more ubiquitous with marketing.

    I remember in 1995 my Dad had to make a career choice to either learn CAD (Computer Aided Design) or start transitioning into retirement. He was 60, a civil engineer in the Department of Defense of the U.S Air Force. There were many young engineers who could work the technology to move Defense in the direction they wanted. He felt that his career and retirement decisions were his solely to make, so my Dad learned CAD and learned it so well that he gained 15 more years in his profession. He retired in 2010 at 75. I was really blown away that he learned such a complicated technology . Once during this period I visited my Dad at work and sat next to him as he worked in CAD. By doing this I learned something valuable…that his experience working in manual processing gave him the visual steps to intellectually solve problems that came up in the CAD program. We today just click…click…click away and follow commands not having the understanding of a mental map. It’s like we see the trees, but not the forest with the trees.


    • Dear Allyson,
      “…so my Dad learned CAD and learned it so well that he gained
      15 more years in his profession. He retired in 2010 at 75…” – congratulations to your Dad! My daughter, an architect, is perfect with CAD too – but I was helpless and depressed when she tried to give me some lessons …


  6. Allyson Mellone

    I saw “A Late Quartet” yesterday. What metaphors of human activity! “Pause” that precious word used by Peter the cellist (Christopher Walken) to have continuity, awareness, and balance in our life…I found to be an individual, as well as a collective, endeavor to do. On this note, I wish Tchaikovsky could have been able to use the internet.


  7. The guitar playing made me think of sitting outside with lemonade in a porch swing on a warm summer day. That’s a good thought, by the way.


  8. I think they would have been happy with internet availability. Think of all the time they would save.


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