A Late Quartet – Movie Review

That’s a cast in the film “A Late Quartet” directed by Yaron Zilberman: Mark Ivanir, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener and Philip Seymour Hoffman are acting as members of the fictional “Fugue String Quartet”, working in Manhattan. “Fugue” is not just a musical technical term, but also one from psychiatry: Our biographies are also identified by fugues – divorce, illness, love affairs = losing a job or a partner, a goal in life or health. The film presents not without a certain kind of humour, how the fugues in the life of the musicians are disturbing the professional fugue string performance on stage…
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13 responses to “A Late Quartet – Movie Review

  1. ….and not to be confused with ‘Quartet’ which is showing in the UK at the same time in the same cinemas…….A Late Quartet looks the more interesting of the two.


  2. Wow, what a cast. I can’t wait to watch this with my husband. Thank you.


  3. Is this an indie film? I will look out for it. Great cast!


  4. Anonymous

    thanks for this D:)
    will have a look at this movie………..



  5. I will watch the movie! I recently saw a movie about retired musicians that still have the music in their veins “Quartet, 2012”. It was interesting and also very moving that at the end of the movie, in the credits, you can see that all the no-main actors are real musicians, very well known for their carrers in the past. It was like a tribute for them, and this made the audience clap. It is a touching and also very amusing movie.


  6. wolfgangfoto

    hi frizz
    thanks for the honor to show my picture
    All music instruments and the musicians have a life time, only the music is timeless


  7. hi dietmar vielen dank für die ehre mal sehen wie es mit meinen fingergelenken weitergeht sie waren im beruf meist überbeansprucht auch jetzt benutzte ich sie exzessiv ( golf und viele andere sportarten, gitarren bau und spiel, traktor fahren usw) jetzt streiken sie und verdammen mich zum nachdenken was ich aus meinem leben weg lassen kann also fotografieren bleibt

    herzl wolfgang


  8. Allyson Mellone

    This will be a multi-layered movie for me once I get to it. These actors root themselves in their characters in such fascinating ways that I am so much looking forward to seeing the movie. Yes, I too believe that our lives are filled with fugues. It seems as if we are either fleeing or chasing our fugues. It’s a pathological state that is so often expressed as said in the last line of the trailer….”what are you afraid of…unleash your passion.”


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