take your broken wings

“take your broken wings and learn to fly…” – I’ve read that Sir Paul McCartney used these lyrics as a metaphor: to encourage the black people in the sixties, fighting in the USA for human rights…
piccione incazzato
title=”piccione incazzato” – photo kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy, click on the picture to enter his galleries at on Flickr
once I wrote to Enrico Colussi: “I like to play blues guitar and sometimes I sat down on a street and played on my Dobro. Feeling blue I always noticed the pigeons – and I adored them, though walking, they could take their wings for a ride up up and away…”

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15 responses to “take your broken wings

  1. enrico

    Grazie infinite, abbracci!!!! 🙂 non ho altre parole se non di gratitudine!


  2. I could listen all day…


  3. I’ve always loved this song, but didn’t know the meaning behind it. Thanks for enlightening me. 🙂


  4. “I’ll Fly Way, dear Jesus, I’ll Fly Away!”


  5. I believe this song was banned in some countries!


  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song.


  7. Frizz,
    When I listened to Scarborough Fair I wanted there to be more! Lovely playing and great photo of the pigeons…nice post…


  8. Love that blackbird…sounds great! I could almost here Paul and the blackbird singing along.


  9. Very, very nice!
    This was a song I was given to practice when I first started guitar lessons. I could never play it. It was too advanced. Maybe someday I will try it again.


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