Basin Street down in New Orleans

Satchmo Basin Street BluesSatchmo Sings
old Satchmo / Louis Armstrong vinyls, uploaded by hytam2, click on the pictures to enter his galleries on
me playing the basin street blues on my guitar using a pic / plectrum – and a kazoo, because I always use to forget the lyrics …
[Won’t you come and go with me / Down that Mississippi / We’ll take a boat to the land of dreams / Come along with me on, down to New Orleans]
– a video:

[“Basin Street, is the street / Where all them characters from the first street they meet/ New Orleans, land of dreams / You’ll never miss them rice and beans / Way down south in New Orleans]
Café Blues
Louis Armstrong:


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27 responses to “Basin Street down in New Orleans

  1. Another nice version of this great song

    By this way i love your coffee house picture

    Have a fine time with music


    • hi Wolfgang,
      I’ll noticed, that many songs of my guitar repertoire are played by Louis Armstrong:
      St. James Infirmary
      Basin Street Blues
      C’est si bon
      Otschi Tschonia (= Lex Yeux Noirs)
      Go down Moses
      Sunny side of the street
      – so I will soon upload some more jazzy versions as playback / double play: different tracks of rhythm guitar and single note improvisation – I hope you’ll like it …


  2. I love Basin Street and New Orleans…thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.

    Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 01:26:28 +0000 To:


  3. wonderful repertoire !


    • hi Vilma, I’m still amused remembering, that once someone shouted in my hometown Wuppertal: “Hey, are YOU frizztext???” – yes I was, back in my hometown after so many years; surprised that someone knew my name there! Thanks to the world wide web technology! Actually, using audio technology, there are two frizztexts on guitar: one playing the rhythm guitar, the other (playback) myself too, this time trying to play a melody like Kai Heumann always did:


  4. I’ve been to Basin Street, and loved the great vibe there. The first time I really noticed this song was in the 1960’s when I bought an LP by the British pop art jazz group, ‘The Peddlers’. I love Louis Armstrong’s version too. What a legend! 🙂


  5. “A Kiss To Build A Dream On” is one of my favorites of the great Louis Armstrong. Thanks for prodding the memory with your story.


  6. New Orleans is such a spectacular and unique place. Love this.


  7. Amy

    Thank you for posting Louis Armstrong’s version. Enjoy listening to your guitar play, always.


  8. St. Andreu Jazz Band – WOWIE WOW WOW!!!


  9. Basin Street and Stachmo–none better for pulling our souls up from our toes, Frizz!


  10. Opps–that was “Satchmo”, of course, blowing the blues right out of my soul!


  11. These videos we had seen but it is something we never get tired of viewing.
    another great post on a historical man. He was an incredible musician.
    I wanted to get and and dance. I did. hahaha
    We’ve been to New orleans and the Jazz clubs aren’t as many as there were years ago. I think they’ll come back eventually. All things come back again. How could Jazz not come back. That was real music with a lot sof feeling. Nice post … love it.


  12. New Orleans is one place in the US that I has always fascinated me. Thank you for your beautiful tribute.


  13. I love jazz!! Even if I am not a connaisseur I love it, because it always makes me feel something deep inside…It is like this song…It brings me back to places and histories I have never lived, but somehow I know about them…This is magic, isn´it?
    Thanks for stopping at my blog..If not I would have never known yours..


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