Story Challenge: Letter “j”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “j”? For example I’ve written about Jerusalem (watch below) or Japan, about jugglers and jukeboxes, joy and jazz, jumping and joining, about the Jordan river and birds’ journeys, jaguars and war jets, Jesus and jump stones etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “j”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “j”!!!


Jerusalem is occupied by the power play of differnt religions. Moslems, jews and christian believers would like to have this city for their own. I hope that the clash of religions will not lead into violence one day. I hope, that they will manage to live in peaceful coexistance. They all need bread and a baker for example. My father was a baker.


  • Are you bored by the worldwide clash of religions? Are certain religions too much aggressive?
  • Do you like to remember special stories of your father’s life? Which?

wrestling against gravity
title=”wrestling against gravity” – photo by David Mor – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!
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music tagged with “j”?
me on guitar with the JET BLUES

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60 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “j”

  1. Love your explanation of Jerusalem and religions!


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  3. As Patrick Ness says in his book, war makes ‘monsters of men.’ Thank you for your thoughtful insights, Frizz, and your questions.
    Here’s my contribution for this week’s photo challenge: J for Journeys.


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  5. I was ready and prepared this week, Frizz.

    Now you have me thinking about your two questions. My father was in Jerusalem as a soldier in WWII.. I will see what I can find.


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  7. I’m not bored, but horrified by, what seems like, the perpetual clash of religions. It’s very sad, considering they have all been living side by side for so long. Surely by now they have learned to set their religion aside for the sake of peace?


  8. Those bagels are a sight for sore eyes! I lived in Jerusalem for 10 years, and those bagelas are one of the holy city’s finest attributes – spiritual or otherwise. I joke, but the bagels are wonderful. Great photo.


    • I know, you’ve studied in Jerusalem, Stephen; I ate my first Bagels in Manhattan …
      P.S.: once I’ve written a lot about Elazar Benyoetz, an author who lived in Jerusalem, writing aphorisms …


      • In Israel they use the word bagel for pretzel. When I was there they didn’t have bagels (the rolls). They imported the bagels from US and now they have them. But the pretetzel bagels, especialy the Arab bagels, are a treat.


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  10. That photo is amazing! I’m glad I don’t have to push anything uphill.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share ‘J stories’ – here’s J is for Jazz:


  11. About Jerusalem – just think about Martin Luther King’s word “I had a dream” – it could be great if they all in Jerusalem have a common dream… 😉


  12. laura@eljaygee

    the task of Sisyphus comes to mind here, literally and metaphorically. Might just join in for the future – looks like a fun theme


  13. I like to remember fishing with my father. We lived on the Chesapeake Bay when I was a kid and we went fishing nearly every weekend in the summer when he wasn’t at sea (he was a pilot in the Navy). We followed the bluefish runs. It was my favorite time when we were together out in the ocean fishing.

    Thanks for the memories. And great picture for the challenges Jerusalem faces.


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  15. Great picture above. It’s Tuesday and I wanted to be transported away to Venice and Carnivale with courtly jesters and music. My submission with links to music:


  16. Jet Blues. Nice :-).


  17. Hello all! I’m a little late to the challenge today, but here’s my Letter J entry:


  18. Amy

    Great photo, Frizz! It says about the struggles of the life journey…


  19. Wow, what a great photo!


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    • thank you for “…sometimes the body goes on an internal journey, the workings confused, even deranged, trying to find its way to the crown of the head…” – and I like your paper notebook art!


  21. Your choosing “Jerusalem” for the “j” challenge puts all other “j” words right out of my mind!


  22. Amazing photo Frizz!
    Have no doubt the common man, regardless of religion, wants nothing else but peaceful co=existence. It is vested interests that keep the fires of hatred burning.


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  24. Here is my entry. Jerome, Arizona. American’s largest ghost town.



  25. I’m pretty sure I would have dropped one.
    Or two.


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  27. That is quite a load of bread! Great shot!

    Perhaps we all have youthful innocence in us somewhere. Perhaps it would be better to have more. To quote you, “maybe they can see clearer – because they have a free spirit”…or a free mind!


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  29. Love the shot you’ve chosen to illustrate this one Frizz 🙂

    Running very late and recovering from a weekend away with the Cubs, here’s my offering


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  31. Slightly late with my post for J and K ….. Jumbo Splendour. At


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