The Social Gap

Visualizing the growing social gap: I like the political messages in the work of Patti, coming from UK to discover USA; I already wrote about Patti, featuring her comments to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in Manhattan, view
Stretched limousine in Detroit, photo by Patti Fogarty, click on the picture to enter her flickr galleries or visit her blog at

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7 responses to “The Social Gap

  1. Very nice monochrome composition!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga


  2. the car for a poor family with a lot of children


    • dear Wolfgang,
      I saw a similar vehicle in Berlin:
      written on the vehicle: Limo4Stars – but I think you are right:
      “the typical car for a poor family with a lot of children…”


  3. Social gaps are…Antisocial!


    • Germany’s tax payers, the people, give € 80,000,000,000 to Greece via the kindly hands of chancellor Angela Merkel: to save the €. On the other hand the rich 2% of Greece transfered € 80,000,000,000 to London and Switzerland. No one cares? No matter?


      • I understand and am with you on this. We, the people, have completely lost our right to self determination, the traditional social life is breaking down! Frizztext, the interest rate on money market account is 0.09 %. The bank uses one’s money, without having to pay you anything. This goes on for years. Our wages are cut every year, and the pension too.


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