I like the photo documents of Patti / Patricia Fogarty shot in New York. She caught wonderful smiling faces in Manhattan: “ONE DAY IN A CITY” – but also riot police: arresting photographers who tried to make some pictures featuring the Occupy Wall Street movement. Every week the police gangs produce a new package of arrested photographers and confiscate their cameras. And every next week there are brand new iPhones again and even old cameras fit for the work as a “under-cover-agent” …
Accra Shepp OWS
FREEDOM OF SPEECH – photo by Patti / Patricia Fogarty
another photo shot by Patti, coming from London, Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner to a strange New York, a city with oppression vs. photographers and speakers:

title: “an-arresting-day-on-wall-street” – click on the picture to enter her article at wordpress
comment by Patti:
Dear Frizz, More than happy to give my permission to use my photos, thank you so much for asking!
More than happy to promote freedom of speech. And photographic opportunities without getting arrested . . . .
dear Patti, I just read in the “Devil’s Dictionary” (Ambrose Bierce):
“WALL STREET = A symbol of sin for every devil to rebuke.
That Wall Street is a den of thieves is a belief
that serves every unsuccessful thief in place of a hope in Heaven…”

request from me to the dailypost team, New York:
please make an interview with Patti / nylondaze (wordpress) in New York!
another photo shot by Patti:
IMG_5686/OWS/Zuccotti Park

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15 responses to “FREEDOM OF SPEECH

  1. Where is everything going in this world? Here they are also standing up against what every they can think of!


  2. This is a scene we should all get used to, Frizz … just wait until our Government puts their armed drones out there to keep the peace (they’ll claim the drones are for our protection, of course). We are being set up for the round up, I suspect. Just read the headlines. We are living in scary times. I think freedom of speech is on the same path as our right to privacy … heading down the tubes fast. Maybe the people had better take action while we still can. Something to think about, I think.


  3. There is no freedom for example in austria. Go out and cry something against your goverment or an foreing country . you will have a lot of problems an spend your holidays in a prison. A real freedom can exist with people having another opinion. Perhaps this words are to much.


  4. I wonder how the world will be for our childrens children.


  5. Hooray for iphones and digital cameras in all types of cellphones! FREEDOM of SPEECH—YES!!!!!!


  6. I had no idea they were arresting people for photographing occupy wall street. That’s absurd…


  7. What a beautiful camera…
    I’d be devastated if someone took that away from me…


  8. Hello Frizz and thank you so much for your support! Accra and another photographer, both of whom who were arrested at different times for being in the wrong place at the wrong time – a public street, are due to appear in court soon.

    As for the lawsuit Rodriguez V. Winski, it will be interesting to watch how this develops!'s_'private_army


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