“Defenceless = unable to attack.” (Ambrose Bierce, 1842-1914, The Devil’s Dictionary): Actually we watch Israel and Iran, India, North Korea, Syria, if they are overwhelmed by the attitude to attack. “Stop!” usually says the UN. But individuals? Abused children or women, teenagers attacked by gangs, adults in their jobs, the “Occupy Wallstreet” movement – isn’t it necessary to resist sometimes? Of course better than to use a sword is: to leave the bad situation with a laughter, ignoring consistently what could disturb us …
there were kings
photo by “evje calling”, Norway, she comments: “in Stavanger, Norway, at the coast, there has been a battle by 3 kings in the year 872. To remember this, they placed 3 huge swords.
I just read in the “Devil’s Dictionary” (Ambrose Bierce): “WALL STREET = A symbol of sin for every devil to rebuke. That Wall Street is a den of thieves is a belief that serves every unsuccessful thief in place of a hope in Heaven…”
more of that stuff, actually related to the “OCCUPY WALL STREET” movement in USA
(though written hundred years ago by Ambrose Bierce!!! Here it is):
“RIOT = A popular entertainment given to the police and the military by innocent bystanders.”
below: photo by Patti Kuche, click on the picture to enter her blog:

Cover of "The Devil's Dictionary"

Cover of The Devil's Dictionary

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16 responses to “Defenceless

  1. Wow, how big are those swords?


  2. Sonel

    Stunning shot Frizz and great post. 🙂


  3. great post frizz, amazing sculpture and i like your reasoning!


  4. Thank you Frizztext for the visit, the ‘like,’ the ‘follow’ and for posting the link to my blog. I believe this is what’s called a grand slam!
    Kindest regards! Dia.


  5. The first photo sounds to have deep meaning.


  6. Wow I love sculpture and it would be amazing to see the swords, Evje has captured such an atmosphere


  7. A photographer who was taking nothing but pictures on Friday afternoon on Wall St was arrested for being in the way. What had been a public thoroughfare one moment became in an instant the wrong side of a very fine line of illegal.

    The young man beneath the bundle in the second shot posted above – his brown boot a footprint in the air, was on the ground because he fell in the crush of the police pushing the crowd after which the police fell on top of him and promptly arrested him. In both cases, resistance was futile.

    If Ambrose Bierce were to walk the world today, after all he saw in his time . . . thank you Frizz for taking up the sword!


  8. We can take note that Wall Street has consolidated its claim on this country.


  9. A good post on difficult times. It’s important to publicise everything that the media and governments hide from us as well.


  10. Very powerfully inspiring photographs for us activists of the world and very uplifting quote from Abrose Pierce! Very appropos in much of the world today!


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