Social Gap


Contrariness: Some of us are always in a hurry, even hunted by anxiety, 
others are sitting in comfortable armchairs on cruise ships enjoying luxury ...

photo above (1) by frizztext, 8 photos below by third party photographers, click on
the images to enter their flickr photo streams (pics all from my group BLOG IT!):

2 - “Final Ride” (Shanghai) by johey24
3 - “balancing umbrellas” (Calcutta) by rita banerji
4 - “Falmouth town” (Jamaica) by Ametxa
5 - ”Cycling to work” by Siddhartha
6 - “Bicicleta” by llanosom
7 - Marocco, Sahara: “Rissani” by Ametxa / Gerardo Amechazurra
8 - “New purchase” by johey24
9 - “Diallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal” by gbaku / John Atherton
10 - "Pig on bike - Kaesong North Korea" by Eric Lafforgue

Final Ridebalancing umbrellas
Falmouth townCycling to work
New purchaseDiallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal (West Africa)
Pig on bike - Kaesong North Korea


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14 responses to “Social Gap

  1. Such a huge gap between the haves and have not – great shot of two different worlds.


  2. Wonderful selections… ;-)


  3. The haves and the have nots. The story of mankind.


  4. interesting and photo’s show a great point, love it… :-)


  5. Interesting contrast. Riding a bicycle as transportation, if possible, is healthy and conserves fuel.


  6. Let us celebrate contrariness–such a common trait among humans all over the world! Sitting and waiting vs. hurry-scurrying!


  7. I enjoyed the view of the bicycle as an important mode of transport.


  8. frizztest, It may not exactly fit the topic of neccessity of riding a bike, over the leisure of doing it, still the benefit of active life permeates:,

    And it is fun, more fun than being held hostage to an parking lot of a road, on a Friday Afternoon, and moving with 5 miles per hour freeway!


  9. Bicycle reflects on the society. Interesting.


  10. Interesting comparison Frizz. Margie


  11. hahhahaha great pics!


  12. You are right. We need to take the time to smell the roses.



  13. TBM

    Love your photo and point.


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