Social Gap


Contrariness: Some of us are always in a hurry, even hunted by anxiety, 
others are sitting in comfortable armchairs on cruise ships enjoying luxury ...

photo above (1) by frizztext, 8 photos below by third party photographers, click on
the images to enter their flickr photo streams (pics all from my group BLOG IT!):

2 - “Final Ride” (Shanghai) by johey24
3 - “balancing umbrellas” (Calcutta) by rita banerji
4 - “Falmouth town” (Jamaica) by Ametxa
5 - ”Cycling to work” by Siddhartha
6 - “Bicicleta” by llanosom
7 - Marocco, Sahara: “Rissani” by Ametxa / Gerardo Amechazurra
8 - “New purchase” by johey24
9 - “Diallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal” by gbaku / John Atherton
10 - "Pig on bike - Kaesong North Korea" by Eric Lafforgue

Final Ridebalancing umbrellas
Falmouth townCycling to work
New purchaseDiallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal (West Africa)
Pig on bike - Kaesong North Korea


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