Resist Via Writing

After she had studied in the USA Rita Banerji went back to her Calcutta and worked there as a journalist, author, political activist. Not easy in the country of Gandhi, patience and old structures of social hierarchy to support enlightenment. She wrote a great book “Sex and Power” reflecting the female situation in India. And she made heart touching photos!
The Letter Writer
photo by Rita Banerji – click on the image to enter her flickr photo collection. She comments herself: “I am a writer, photographer and gender activist from India. My book “Sex and Power” was released by Penguin Books. My website is – I am also the founder and chief administrator of the “50 Million Missing Campaign”, which fights female genocide in India.

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14 responses to “Resist Via Writing

  1. A letter writer, they are so helpful but ho sad that they are still needed šŸ™‚


  2. Dear Dietmar — You are greatest friend ever!!! Your support means the world to me!


  3. TBM

    I’ll have to look for a copy of her book. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.


  4. I really admire people who do what they can to make a difference, like some wise person once said…..”we are the change we want to see”!! I’ll look for that site


  5. She sounds like such a courageous woman…


  6. Rita Banerji is performing a truly vital task in our world of today where the truth about females in so much of Asia, South America, and Africa desparately needs to be publicized if any meaningful amelioration is to occur. I am so grateful to you, Frizz, for posting this today. I am reblogging on my own blog, My daughter and son-in-law lived and worked in Bangalore for almost three years and worked with and trained many with these life stories. Now my daughter teaches many in New York City with family stories only too similar to the ones Rita photographs and writes about


  7. Reblogged this on granbee and commented:
    For more inspiration about what ONE WOMAN can do to make a difference in this old world, please read this post narrative and open up Rita’s flickr site to see how much we need to connect to make a difference, just as my critterly folk are connecting more and more in their quest to gain enough light to share in such dark places as Rita here exposes.


  8. The street writers are brilliant and I saw a documentary on this… šŸ™‚


  9. From IBM, to wireless texting….


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