Type Of Resistance

Wet winds often blow into our faces and we must defend ourselves. The best type of resistance is the reversal into the opposite. Instead of slipping into depression: to dance. A dance of joy…
title=”Malhaar” – photo by Finding_Nevrland, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com – the photographer Debmalya Sinha comments himself: “Malhaar” means rain in Hindi. It also often used to express the dance of joy, the inner excitement in one’s mind, especially when a lover anticipates for her love to come. Here, the street-children of Kolkata are jubilant with the blissful rain after a scorching summer.
please allow me to add my guitar and kazoo, playing what I would like to dance to:

balancing umbrellas
title=”balancing umbrellas” – photo by Rita Banerji – click on the picture to enter her flickr galleries!
Kolkata is a city where one can drown. Not only during the monsoon period. Not only because there are so many people. But because there are so many things going wrong. Rita Banerji lives in the middle. She wrote herself (often in the attitude of a female Sisyphus): “The monsoons are here! We had 3 days of continuous rain. The streets were flooded and people in some parts of the city had to get around on little rubber boats. Strange: you never see anyone wearing raincoats here. But they are good at balancing umbrellas!”
#23 is heart touching, #1 [=10] unforgettable, #20 funny – a symbol of how to resist!

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