Rain came down

the day when the rain came down …
1U = UMBRELLA (a Goddess, provoking a man to hesitate)2raining cats & dogs...
3Rainy4cycling in the rain
1 – some people put plastic bags over their heads, protecting themselves against the
pouring rain, others ran into small shops, this woman left aristocratically like a goddess with an English-style umbrella the Public Library, 42nd Street, Manhattan, while a man without any umbrella is hypnoticized by her
2 – rich tourists laughing in the pouring rain on Canale Grande, Venice, Italy
3 – sitting in the “Wintergarden”, World Financial Center, Manhattan, watching the rain, coming from New Jersey, crossing the Hudson River – and in my brain starts the song lyric “It’s raining man” by the “Weather Girls”
4 – continuing rain in Amsterdam; some have only ruins of umbrellas on that windy day …

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7 responses to “Rain came down

  1. http://www.life.com/gallery/52491/2010-pictures-of-the-year?xid=weeklytopten#index/77
    Rescuers come to the aid of a woman in the flooded Ghaghar River after heavy rains in Punchkula, India, in early September. The intense monsoon flooding left over half a million people homeless in northern India.


  2. Cats and dogs? -lol- I never really understood that saying anyway. But I still catch myself saying it. Go figure.


  3. I like the sad man shot… beautiful pictures. 🙂


  4. Lovely capture of moments ! I love rain 🙂


  5. I like the bicycle shot. Just this morning we were at the park, having a picnic. Just before we left, we decided to wade in the river, and while we were wading it started to rain. We had to run for it.


  6. Wolfgang Hermann

    4 stimmungsvolle regenbilder
    mich spricht das foto mit der schönen von rückwärts am stärksten an


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