Whitney Houston R.I.P.

Whitney died, very sad, 1963-2012: too short!
Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You

dead by drugs before drowning …

Just Whitney

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21 responses to “Whitney Houston R.I.P.

  1. SO sad. She had it all going on. Way too young. Margie


  2. She sang so beautifully


  3. Such an amazing talent….gone too soon, gone too soon.


  4. Shocking. She was one of my favorites. I bought her albums in the 80s/90s and listened to her songs over and over.


  5. This is so tragic Frizztext. I was in such a state of shock when i heard the news that I was in suspended state of disbelief for a while… so,so sad. My heart goes out to her loved ones. TY for your post.


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  7. She was so full of talent. It’s sad that she was also full of pain. Her voice always makes my skin have goosebumps.


  8. This is terrible. Such a loss. My thoughts are with her family.


  9. Amen – she is or was the greatest talent. Gone too soon….!!
    So sad … R.I.P.


  10. She had the best voice!


  11. I could watch that movie The Bodyguard over and over! So sad that Whitney in real live did not find that kind of love! May angels attend her to her rest!


  12. I love her voice too. Amazing talent. Her songs will remain with us forever.


  13. I’m sure, that is a really good blog. Many thanks for your effort.


    • 1
      “…Angie’s probably getting more attention for the fact that she seemed incapable of standing like a normal human being …”
      yes, I was surprised by the body language attitude …
      Rooney Mara, dressed white: strange flat boob area …
      green dress, Viola Davis’ boob area: half a size too small…


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