Greeks protest vs. austerity measures

In Athens there are more and more riots related to the European financial crisis. People protest vs. the method of the parliament, to take the missing money from people with low income. But the basic problem seems more to be the fact, that not enough taxes have been paid. The bureaucracy sleeps – or has a corrupt amigo-system. The “austerity measures” hit the working people – but not very much the expansive military equipment. Germany sold many weapons (even submarines) to Greece (maybe using the fear related to the Greek neighbor Turkey?). Germany (my homeland) delivers most of the billions to work against the Greece financial crisis. But on the other hand protesters on the street hate German government. Absurd, paradox? I’m sure, we will hear more of this painful process.
photo via by Federico Verani sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…

English: Greece's recent debt history, between...

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16 responses to “Greeks protest vs. austerity measures

  1. click on the photo to enter the flickr galleries of “mkhalili”
    Athens protest 27/09/11 (3)
    title=”Athens protest 27/09/11 (3)” by mkhalili


  2. click on the photo to enter the galleries of Kourtoglou Yiannis
    Athens riots: Greek general strike
    title=”Athens riots: Greek general strike by Kourtoglou Yiannis


  3. I can’t believe such situation because Greek is very beautiful country..


    • dear cocomino in Japan,
      landscape is always innocent – but do not trust the trusts …
      title=”Greece” by Frizztext, click on the image to enter my galleries …
      this sort of (my) photography is too romantic (childish)
      to make an useful reality check…
      we need more political photo journalism!
      I have to thank other flickr photographers for giving permission, to feature their work –
      sometimes a very risky work!


  4. TBM

    Haunting images. I think you are right, we have not heard the last of this protest in Greece.


  5. I hate to see when protests have to go far as violence and destruction.


    • hi rommel / Sophomore Slump,
      yes, I hate violence too, I’m influenced by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who hoped, that there would be an evolution of law and liberty, discussion and worldwide connection, that it would be not necessary to act with violence.
      but if there is a development of law: why it is possible for the Greek minister of defense to take hundred of thousands Euros from a German weapon factory without any problems in his country? In Germany the big spender got a hard sentence by the judges. Law must be able to stop corruption.
      another case: few days before Christmas the German Mr. Merckle made suicide staying without move on a railway track. What was the reason? He just had lost 200 million Euro. The German president Christian Wulff had not told publicly, that Porsche would buy Volkswagen… (informations: by the magazine DER SPIEGEL).
      Good that we have web.2 and liberty of newspapers (at least still in Germany). But I miss some clear reactions by politicians or lawyers. Nothing. President Wulff in Berlin, though accused by the family of Merckle for that 200 Millions trouble and the loss of the father: he will not quit his job. The law system does not react like Immanuel Kant thought …


  6. When peoples in hard times are miserable, they often lose focus on exactly what they are protesting, thus the paradoxes you express. Thanks so much for putting this particularly important post together, Frizz.


  7. Oh Frizz, this is all so sad and I honestly do not know what to say. There is a drumbeat over here about Iran, Syria, Russia and this. After all we have been through with Iraq, Afghanistan…. the cycle seems to be never-ending. I remember, the joy of having my children with the infinite hope that this cycle might come to an end.


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