Obama the pragmatic cat

Cats are “pragmatic, down-to-earth, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, realistic” (Merriam Webster). They do not waste any time and brain being idealistic, utopian, visionary staring into a blue sky. Comment by marineavoile / Marine Armstrong: “Always cats need to be where the action is. In the city, it is on our papers in front of our computer screen, in the country, I guess it is on the chopping block. Your cat did tuck his tail away neatly, though, he is no fool!”
Gustave Flaubert
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…
Let’s take the pragmatic cat metaphorical and start a political dialogue related to Obama: Nick Falvo, discussing the term at Merriam Webster asked: “Is President Obama pragmatic? Republicans changed to be antipragmatic,…” very religious, being the ideologues now?
related: Merriam Webster Dictionary: PRAGMATIC

Cat Petition
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

28 responses to “Obama the pragmatic cat

  1. Haha. I like it! Margie


  2. i think my dog was visionary, staring out often at the blue sky :)


  3. Okay. Where did his tail go?


  4. I like the kitty photos!


  5. Is this is your cat, watching you work [second image]? If it were mine, I’d be very cautious on what I write! What a serious look! …seriously, I love both your photos and your …pragmatic title/comment!


  6. Let us just hope President Obama can tuck away his tail so neatly and safely after the Republican’s finally nominate someone–and the REAL fight begins!


  7. Frizz, forgive me after a long day, but is this your way of asking if Obama is one cool cat?


    • I really hope he will win – I don’t like the tea party …


      • Why on earth would you want Obama to win? He should not even be on the ticket until he PROVES his citizenship. Which, with a birth certificate from Hawaii, a social security number from Connecticut, a Kenyan father (knocking him out of Natural born status) and sealed records of both his school and work history, I would think is impossible. Not to mention, the way he has trampled on our Constitution, he should be tried for Treason, not re-elected. When I look at Obama, I see an illegal President that is doing his best to led this Nation into the North American Union. He old of his visions for a New World Order in a speech he made in Germany in 2008. That is hardly the vision an American President should hold. We are a Sovereign Nation and should be fighting to maintain our borders and our freedom. Sorry Fritz, but Obama doesn’t even have the right to be POTUS now, much less in 2012. I am looking forward to seeing Joe Aparios’ findings on Obama when he releases them on March 1.


  8. Cassie's world

    Like it! Greetings, http://wp.me/1XrXs


  9. Is the cat named Obama too or is that yours? ;-)


    • the name of this cat perhaps is …Robespierre?? [comment by fratella]
      frizz: or Barack Obama, Wilhelm Tell, Garibaldi, Genghis Khan?


      • Or Machiavelli? :lol:


        • this cat is a really BASTA! cat. it is not my sensible desk top cat Emily (Dickinson). it is a rough, very pragmatic cat in the neighborhood of my daughter in Bavaria. she is not living in a house. to proud for that. now in winter, snow is there, she had the idea to rest over night in the little houses built for the birds. we could not practice a photo, you can see during the night only a black fur ball in the house, resting on the birds’ food. but I think, it is really curios! he (Pauli is his name) has a straight forward macho Machiavellian character!
          C = Cat (on the road again)
          cat PAULI in the morning, leaving the little wooden bird house, where he sleeps at night …


        • Oops! Comment below belongs up here… See I’m already being manipulated! Darn! I knew it… I could see it in his eyes… what eyes? :lol:


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