Obama the pragmatic cat

Cats are “pragmatic, down-to-earth, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, realistic” (Merriam Webster). They do not waste any time and brain being idealistic, utopian, visionary staring into a blue sky. Comment by marineavoile / Marine Armstrong: “Always cats need to be where the action is. In the city, it is on our papers in front of our computer screen, in the country, I guess it is on the chopping block. Your cat did tuck his tail away neatly, though, he is no fool!”
Gustave Flaubert
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…
Let’s take the pragmatic cat metaphorical and start a political dialogue related to Obama: Nick Falvo, discussing the term at Merriam Webster asked: “Is President Obama pragmatic? Republicans changed to be antipragmatic,…” very religious, being the ideologues now?
related: Merriam Webster Dictionary: PRAGMATIC

Cat Petition
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

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28 responses to “Obama the pragmatic cat

  1. Is the cat named Obama too or is that yours? ;-)


    • the name of this cat perhaps is …Robespierre?? [comment by fratella]
      frizz: or Barack Obama, Wilhelm Tell, Garibaldi, Genghis Khan?


      • Or Machiavelli? :lol:


        • this cat is a really BASTA! cat. it is not my sensible desk top cat Emily (Dickinson). it is a rough, very pragmatic cat in the neighborhood of my daughter in Bavaria. she is not living in a house. to proud for that. now in winter, snow is there, she had the idea to rest over night in the little houses built for the birds. we could not practice a photo, you can see during the night only a black fur ball in the house, resting on the birds’ food. but I think, it is really curios! he (Pauli is his name) has a straight forward macho Machiavellian character!
          C = Cat (on the road again)
          cat PAULI in the morning, leaving the little wooden bird house, where he sleeps at night …


        • Oops! Comment below belongs up here… See I’m already being manipulated! Darn! I knew it… I could see it in his eyes… what eyes? :lol:


  2. Cassie's world

    Like it! Greetings, http://wp.me/1XrXs


  3. Frizz, forgive me after a long day, but is this your way of asking if Obama is one cool cat?


    • I really hope he will win – I don’t like the tea party …


      • Why on earth would you want Obama to win? He should not even be on the ticket until he PROVES his citizenship. Which, with a birth certificate from Hawaii, a social security number from Connecticut, a Kenyan father (knocking him out of Natural born status) and sealed records of both his school and work history, I would think is impossible. Not to mention, the way he has trampled on our Constitution, he should be tried for Treason, not re-elected. When I look at Obama, I see an illegal President that is doing his best to led this Nation into the North American Union. He old of his visions for a New World Order in a speech he made in Germany in 2008. That is hardly the vision an American President should hold. We are a Sovereign Nation and should be fighting to maintain our borders and our freedom. Sorry Fritz, but Obama doesn’t even have the right to be POTUS now, much less in 2012. I am looking forward to seeing Joe Aparios’ findings on Obama when he releases them on March 1.


  4. Let us just hope President Obama can tuck away his tail so neatly and safely after the Republican’s finally nominate someone–and the REAL fight begins!


  5. Is this is your cat, watching you work [second image]? If it were mine, I’d be very cautious on what I write! What a serious look! …seriously, I love both your photos and your …pragmatic title/comment!


  6. I like the kitty photos!


  7. Okay. Where did his tail go?


  8. i think my dog was visionary, staring out often at the blue sky :)


  9. Haha. I like it! Margie


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