How to reach heaven

How to reach heaven? Praying or flying? Dreaming or begging? Fighting or being calm?
3two freeclimbers4give me money
all BERLIN photos by frizztext, click on the images to enter his photo collection
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12 responses to “How to reach heaven

  1. the photos of this post have been featured at!/read/
    all six in a row (thumbs)
    (not selected one as usual)
    and below the images line: the topic description
    “How to reach heaven? Praying or flying? Dreaming or begging? Fighting or being calm?”


  2. Ab aspera ad astra?


  3. I woke up, not too long ago: Your wonderful photos are giving me inspiration, to go out and and surprise my camera.

    Thanks Frizz.


  4. Leave it to the city-folk in Berlin to find something to climb…


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    you forgot one important way to the heaven
    – the music-


  6. theWomanAtTheWell

    “Give me money” is my favorite, such a genuine smile. Fantastic post. -WATW


  7. “Heaven came down….”: remember that old gospel hymn? Love all these photo interpretations of “climbing to Heaven”. Captures many nuances of the human spirital experience. Thank you.


  8. My answer would be “Go inward, and we’ll see heaven with eye closed”.


  9. It’s all relative isn’t it? 😉


  10. Doggie in the blanket and tower climbers, working together, are just prayers in pictures, as far as I am concerned. BLESS YOU, Frizz! You are already way up there in the updrafts, I can tell!


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