Strolling Through Nonsense


Strolling through a big city like BERLIN one can discover much nonsense. Some merry-go-rounds, domes, silly persons, trying to offer me alcohol (poisoned as I read the day after in the local newspapers). Basic emotions appear with merry-go-rounds and churches, alcohol or the often heard loudspeaker news in a train or a subway, that there is a stop on the track, because someone made suicide again. Reading the FAQ / frequently asked questions of my website intern search machine: there are basic emotions to discover too. CHARCOAL GRILL appears very often. It’s a keyword out of an article I once (March 17) wrote about suicide. NUDE is searched for very often as well, because I once (Dec 30, 2010) asked in a post the question: “Which of both portraits would you prefer in a photo exhibition?” Strolling through the world wide web I discovered yesterday the female photographer VIVIAN MAIER. She managed to feature some basic emotions in an unforgettable way!


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22 responses to “Strolling Through Nonsense

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    kirche und jahrmarkt passen in der weihnachtszeit zusammen


  2. I like the photo above… what kind of nonsense do you see? 🙂


  3. I’ve never been there. Hmmm. Margie


  4. thirdhandart

    There is a whole Website dedicated to Vivian Maier:
    She was a wonderful photographer. I greatly admire her portfolio.


  5. The place in Berlin sounds kinda sad. 😦 I don’t think poisoned alcohol is very tasty.


  6. I haven’t been to Berlin. I can’t believe there are people who offer such alcohol!


  7. Reminds me so much of the Berlin at Christmas photos my NYC daughter posted on her flickr site last January! Love your commentary. Puts everything in the right perspective for me!


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  9. TBM

    Who would poison the alcohol? I’m heading to Berlin this summer. I won’t drink any “free” alcohol that’s for sure. Happy Holidays!


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  11. theflyingpenwriter

    Lovely photos, nonsense maybe but when Christmas comes we forget about the nonsense and concentrate on the time sharing. Anyway the world is a nonsense to me.


  12. Poison, huh! What an exciting life you have.


  13. There’s just something about the Fernsehturm…
    I’ve always been fascinated by it (and it’s very interesting to see it in this context, too)


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