Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

I read at the door of a German post-office: “Notice the opening times (9-12 a.m., 3-5 p.m.)! To shake and shake again the door is useless!” Originally: “Dienstzeiten beachten! Rütteln und schütteln ist zwecklos!”

1Tribute to Francois + Jean ROBERT2undecided
3ivy house4red door
all photos by Frizztext


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writer, photographer, guitarist

19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

  1. Love the 3rd photo 🙂


  2. thirdhandart

    Very nice photos!


  3. I love the way you presented the photos.


  4. Wow.These entrance inspired me.There are many idea to build architecture.


  5. very unique…at least by american standards… 🙂


  6. Some very good photos there…


  7. TBM

    I love all of them!


  8. Nice photo. Good luck with the challenge.

    The comment on the post office doors goes rather well with my impression of Germans: straight forward and to the point.

    Nicely done …


  9. The first photo made me smile.


  10. I love your entrances; especially to the home with a thatched roof. 🙂


  11. Great entrances, all. The first made me smile (which I need right now after the death of beloved dog friend yesterday) and the post as well. Funny! A reminder how healing a smile and tail wag. Your a fine photographer, always inspiring.


  12. these are excellent shots of great entrances. i like these a lot as well as the way you’ve cropped and presented them. i particularly like the talking face and the graffiti doors. very fun on the sign too, i find my self exploring signs both in my head and visually at times with photos too. fun.


  13. Pacha Photo

    I like doors too.

    Thanks for stopping by 😉


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