Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

German Grandma’s Flower Garden
the 7 dwarves' cottage
photo by frizztext

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

  1. It’s nice to look at a garden like this, and feel as i you were in grandma’s patch of leafy veggies.

    Thanks, Frizze.


  2. Good house and flowers.I like wooden house.
    The red color is impressive.


  3. thirdhandart

    I love this garden. It’s so neat and tidy. And, the house is awesome. Exquisite photo!


  4. What a beautiful photo… and inviting too. I love the home as well… How have you been? Were you away? And the concert? Do update us… 🙂


  5. TBM

    Beautiful! Love the flag.


  6. I love how the flowers are watching over everything, the house, the garden, the path.
    walk in beauty.


  7. TOTALLY breathtaking! Did you take the photo yourself? K


  8. jakesprinter

    Nice Photo


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  10. incredibly inviting…I love the little cottage framed by the beautiful red flowers,the lovely garden and my favorite is the welcoming green door!!!


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  12. These flowers look to have a lovely life of their own!


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