Regensburg – an old city

Regensburg - riverside
Skyline of Regensburg at the Danube River, a very old city in Germany, where the actual Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, worked some years. It is an orthodox Christian urban center of conservative culture. Some of the buildings are related back to the ancient Roman impereors …

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7 responses to “Regensburg – an old city

  1. I love those old buildings – such a lot of character and stories to tell! It looks like a place I would love to visit and explore, and find out about it’s history.


  2. Great cityscape and well kept.:)


  3. A beutiul city i understand.


  4. thirdhandart

    A picturesque city on a legendary river!


  5. Beautiful photos!


  6. Beautiful colors and setting. I love old houses and that feel of history… Of course, under that beautiful facade is a very conservative bent… hmmm.


    • dear eof737 – history is important – a factor of identity, for feeling HOME. with a double meaning: fits for architecture as well as for individual biographies: never forget your grand parents or the people you met in your life – able to make good dialogs. conservative bent around, – yes sometimes narrow-minded people are a problem. we have to find the positive energy in history, avoiding the failures …


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