Family Experiences

family-experiences by Frizztext
family-experiences, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

telling stories to my grandson: the black house on the left side: that is the café “Old Pharmacy” where I will play next Saturday evening with my new founded HOT CLUB TRIO The framework house then (left) is the hotel ZUR ALTEN KRONE, in the small town Hattingen. I can hear the bells of the church tower in the background daily, sitting, typing into my PC. On the painting in oil you can see St. Martin leading a group of kids with lanterns. I tried to explain to my grandson, that his mother some years ago played a St. Martin too, riding on a white horse. Though he listened very concentrated, I am not sure, if he understood …
I am always surprised (after visiting my daughter’s family), that even if you know some persons very well, love can increase, reach higher levels of helping and supporting. And it is not only giving – it is a taking too …
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10 responses to “Family Experiences

  1. Telling stories to your grandson is really great and valuable thing.
    I seldom talked with my grandparents because they lived far from my home.
    Have a good day.:)


  2. Wonderful moment and feeling!


  3. Rita Banerji

    What an adorable picture!! It’s a keepsake for the future for both grandfather and grandson 🙂


  4. Rita Banerji

    I know the question of ‘identity’ comes up often between the East and West Germany! Well I answered a question of ‘identity’ too recently in this article on what it means to be a woman in India and a woman in the U.S. since these are two countries I have lived in.


  5. TBM

    Ah…he’s a cutie!


  6. Anonymous

    Lovely! Your grandson is darling.

    Good luck with your new group. Wish I could be there to give a listen.


  7. What a sweet picture of you and your grandson. 🙂


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