Berlin Wall 50th Anniversary

The Berlin Wall was built on August 13th in 1961. Now we “celebrate” ironically the 50th anniversary. The Berlin Wall fell 1989. Since more than twenty years we enjoy the peaceful reunification of West and East Germany. Still important for me, because my mother lived on the other side of the “Iron Curtain“.
Escape, 1989/Nov/9
In the seventies the West-German Rock star Udo Lindenberg performed with humor the song SONDERZUG NACH PANKOW: he traveled from West to East Germany to make a gift to the communist president Erich Honecker: a true Rock star stage leather dress. The East president gave him (smiling bitterly) an E-guitar. Nevertheless it took some years till the two Germanies made an end to the wall, following the first step of courage performed by Udo Lindenberg.
Let’s forget all those people, killed, as they tried to escape from East Germany. It’s open now …

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27 responses to “Berlin Wall 50th Anniversary

  1. 50 years, wow… well am going over to Berlin this friday so will be interesting to read the papers and see how much will be entitled to the wall…


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    habe aus diesem anlass eine fotomontage angefertigt:


    herzl wolfgang


  3. Bist Du nicht ein paar Tage zu früh? Das Datum war doch de 13 August …

    Ich bin sowieso neugierig, was da an offiziösen Meldungen aus unserem Wandlitz² verlautbart werden wird …


    • Ich bin zu früh, ja, aber im Fernsehen laufen bereits jede Menge Retrospectiven. Außerdem musste ich das Stück SONDERZUG NACH PANKOW jetzt schon in die Gitarren-Fingerchen kriegen, denn bei unserem Konzert am 13. August, will ich es einstreuen – zusammen mit ein paar bissigen Bemerkungen …


  4. Time does fly fast.Have a good day.


  5. thirdhandart

    As always, great guitar solos! A wonderful tribute!
    I wanted to help the little one who’s swinging in the background by giving him a push.


    • yes the little one, my grandson TOM, he needed some push by me (I had to play guitar) or by my wife (she made the video clip). But nevertheless, he was very proud, when he watched the result of the little action on PC screen. He is electricified by every guitar player he meets on the streets in Munich 🙂 crying: There! Grandpa!!!


  6. Bravo, Frizz! Great rendition. As far as the wall: to bad for all that good cement, and all the work invested. Good to be free!


    • I hate that STASI actions – and sorry to say, I met in West Germany many persons with the same bad character – they would have done same, if they were legalized to do so. I remember, how some persons tried to forbid me to practice stenography during a conference. How they tried, to kick me off my job, because I had written some whisteblowing informations to the news magazine DER SPIEGEL and so on. My mother always said: be glad to live on the other side of the Iron Curtain – if not, I could visit you in a STASI prison. And do not dare to play that SONDERZUG NACH PANKOW on your guitar in public, if you are visiting me. At all: do never say, that YOU are my son…


  7. Are those your grand kids? Adorable! 🙂


  8. So glad the wall came down. It divided a people that yearned to be together. There are too many “walls” that need to be torn down. Too many walls separate the will and the goals of the people.

    Thanks for reminding us Frizz, and I enjoyed the feeling of “peace, unity and family” your video portrayed.


    • There are too many “walls” that need to be torn down. Too many walls separate the will and the goals of the people.

      thanks for that comment, walter smith 3rd. actually people in many countries try to do something against bad governments connecting via internet: it started with the Arabian youth revolution, then followed youth demonstrations in Madrid and other European nations, actually even Israel, where they are demonstrating against high costs for rooms – living in tents on the main boulevard 🙂


  9. I used to own this concert on cd and dvd many years ago, but for some reason I either lost it, or I sold it. I don’t remember which. Then, when I saw this new special edition, I thought this would be a good time to pick it up again. It claimed to be the original, uncut performance, including the power cuts, and Roger entertaining the crowd with his tap-dancing. It also claimed to have an expanded documentary. The original was only 30 minutes, and this new documentary was supposedly 70 minutes.

    Well, that’s not what I got. Basically the concert is the EXACT same one that I saw 20 years ago. It’s not the original performance, and the documentary is still 30 minutes. The only thing that is new is the multi-audio track section. That’s it.

    The CD’s are basically the same too, except “The Trial” and “The Tide is Turning” run a little longer. “The Trial” features more applause at the end, and “The Tide is Turning” features a snippet of “Outside the Wall” (from “The Wall” movie) at the end.

    So, although the concert is great, this new special edition is not very special at all.


    TIME LIFE: “Conrad Schumann, 39, former member of the East German army, points at a photograph of himself, taken on August 15, 1961, when he escaped to West Berlin, two days after East Germany closed the border. Schumann was the first soldier to flee to the free part of Berlin.”
    frizztext: Conrad Schumann made suicide some years later in West Germany


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