Stasi Museum – History Of Oppression

Stasi Museum
Korea is still divided, Vietnam united: the North took the South; in Germany: the West took the East. Communism vs. capitalism: the battle goes on actually in the fragments of the fallen Soviet Union. The Stasi Museum in East Berlin is like a frozen memory of those days when hate and oppression was the rule. 1989 the Berlin wall was opened by protesters. The iron curtain fell. It’s nice, if only papers and tapes, stamps and spy cameras are the victims – and not human beings.

stasi stamps, stasi cameras, stasi tapes, stasi papers:
photos by frizztext – click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries


frizztext: Rage and thinking belong together. 
Who allows to calm down his rage, accepts, 
that his thinking can be taken away too ...
Zorn und Denken gehören zusammen. 
Wer sich den Zorn nehmen lässt, 
lässt sich das Denken nehmen.

Ich habe mit Interesse das Stasi-Museum am 28.6.2012 besucht. Meine Mutter lebte auf der Insel Rügen, ich im Westen. Wir waren bis 1989 durch die Mauer getrennt. Die Trennung der beiden deutschen Staaten hat mich sehr berührt. Man sollte bei der Interpretation der Ausstellungs-Gegenstände mitbedenken, dass die “Banalität des Bösen” (Hannah Arnendt) oder die “Boshaftigkeit der Banalen” (Frizztext), die “Machtgier der mittelmäßig Begabten” auch in Westdeutschland vorkam – und immer noch vorkommt. Man wird sie in allen Staaten der Welt finden, ob bei Bürokratien – oder bei einzelnen, die sich dem staatlichen Zugriff entwinden wollen. Mit Geheimdienst- und Cliquen-Unterstützung – oder gänzlich auf eigene Faust. Das Phänomen ist also ein grundsätzlich anthropologisches und nicht seit 1989 am Ende angekommen. Es dauert an. Die Kommentare auf meiner englisch-sprachigen Webseite – 11.000 amerikanische Leser und noch einmal so viele aus 146 anderen Ländern – die Kommentare betonen einhellig, dass das moderne Ausspionieren via Internet noch viel umfassender ist, als alles, was die Stasi zu bewerkstelligen technisch imstande war. Ich hoffe somit, dass meine Meinung ausspioniert wird. Vielleicht kann sie dann ja die Spione verunsichern.

English: The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. Th...

English: The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at Former Check Point Charlie, Berlin. The photo documentation is permanently placed in the public. Türkçe: Berlin Duvarı, 1989 sonbaharı (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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19 responses to “Stasi Museum – History Of Oppression

  1. A sad, sad, sad era my friend. I can’t imagine a society where a half were spying the other half…

    Your photo reportage is fantastic.


  2. Unbelievably powerful images, Frizz… very nicely done.
    I really like the toned b/w here…
    in my mind it ties it in so much more with the past… or history… or a remembrance (and hopefully of not forgetting…)


  3. Beautiful images Frizz of what was such a mess, and for what?
    That the paranoid power fixes of the few should impact upon so many for so long . . .


  4. Coffee time with Claudia

    Beautiful pictures! 🙂


  5. mezze at flickr wrote as comment:
    I prefer the coloured one. It’s more nów, and right now we are spied upon, registered, controlled and archived in a way the stasi only could dream of (and most people don’t care..)


  6. Fabulos shot Frizztext!.Not sure we have really learnt our lessons! Walls separating people still exist don’t they?


  7. Ich hoffe somit, dass meine Meinung ausspioniert wird.
    you made me smile with this sentence.
    Some years ago, I briefly visited Berlin and really came under the impression of what that impenetrable wall stood for


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  9. Argus

    We know they did it.
    We know they are doing it.
    How do we stop them doing it?
    How do we stop them doing it ever again …

    Great photos, great start.


  10. Unfortunately it seems that society haven’t learned anything by history. The people in power have learned new techniques to control the masses and perhaps also to hide the surveillance or to turn it into something acceptable among the citizens: “I’m not a terrorist, I have nothing to hide” seems to nbe the new mantra.
    In Europe they want to surveil all the digital traffic of every single citizen: sms, inbound & outgoing calls, where you are when the phone is active (receiving calls/sms). Norway has already agreed to this deal and the politicians want to surveil the voters 24/7. Germany have said NO to this law, because they have experience with this kind of communist/fascist leftwing surveillance.

    And in Sweden the legislators are “trying to pass a law that allows them to register your ethnicity, political view and other things the government should be allowed to have information about. ”

    It seems that Europe is once again moving towards fascism/communism.


  11. meine deutsche tägliche presseschau:
    aktuell: causa Bettina Wulff


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