Down by the riverside

Pharaoh's Deckchairs ...
photo by Gina title: “Pharaoh’s Deckchairs …” – sent to my group BLOG IT!
I like to compare cultures. The Human Rights conditions are different, also how they treat animals. Is there despotism? Oppression by military? How are the conditions for women’s liberation? Only a small angle of view: How do societies share their river sides? In Germany very often there are restrictions to sit down there on a blanket, to make fire for some meal, to drink in the public, to play with a ball, to let a dog run etc. – I think there are other conditions in India or Canada, North Korea or Italy. I noticed that the Gypsies (I adore their music) were brought away from the banks of the river Tiber in Rome. Not a friendly act vs. a minority…

large photo below: Typical clean and restricted area of a river in Germany – notice the red-white stripes – seen in Regensburg, Germany, the city where the actual Pope Benedict came from (Mr. Joseph Ratzinger, the pit bull for order and law) …
 the four small photos below are also by myself: frizztext
2Down by the riverside - Donau

3down-by-the-riverside4down by the riverside5nothing for nothing6East River + Queensboro Bridge / heli-flight
2 – Donau / Danube, Regensburg
3 – Spree, Berlin
4 – Wupper, Müngstener Brücke
5 – Ruhr, Arnsberg
6 – East River, New York

frizztext, German comment:
die Dissonanz zwischen Über-Ordentlichkeit und Freiraum, die auch immer wieder in Deutschland ein extremes Problem darstellt, ließe sich bestimmt auch durch einen Vergleich der Fluss-Ufer in aller Welt bebildern. Ich denke da so an einige indische Flussufer – aber auch besonders an deutsche, mit Schildern bestückte, die verhindern wollen, dass Familien mit Migrations-Hintergrund sich auf einer Decke niederlassen, wo doch der Schäferhundclub Allein-Benutzungsansprüche per Schilderwald und gekauftem städtischen Ordnungsamt durchsetzen will … – wenn doch wenigstens die Fluss-Ufer frei wären vom Machtanspruch der besitzenden Cliquen. Vielleicht ein Menschheitsgrundrecht wie die freie Meinungs-Äußerung? Denn weder Toleranz und Akzeptanz, geschweige denn freudige Begrüßung herrschen an vielen Flussufern: vom erstickenden Regelwerk bis hin zur zynischen Aggression reicht ungleich häufiger die soziale Atmosphäre an den Flussufern. Während die Unterschiede zwischen Köln und Düsseldorf zwar spürbar, aber noch relativ klein sind, dürften die zwischen Indien und Korea, Kanada oder Deutschland schon erkennbarer sein. Meine Lieblingsgeschichte vom Flussufer: Wie Moses auf seinem Bastkörbchen Nil-abwärts treibt. Nicht immer hat Anlandung ein Happy-End. Es kann auch etwas vom lebens-verderbenden Fluch beinhalten.
two further photos by other photographers, sent to my group BLOG IT:
7S A D H U . Sonepur Mela8People in the boat
7 – title=”S A D H U . Sonepur Mela” by Claude Renault
8 – title=”People in the boat” by Hibiscus Mia
now two photos by Ben Visbeek, Amsterdam:
9Ferry crossings runned by a little skipper10The joy of the Mekong
9 – Ferry crossings runned by a little skipper
10 – The joy of the Mekong

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9 responses to “Down by the riverside

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  2. Beautiful photos. When we first came to the farm here we used to walk by the Elqui river near our house. It runs through the Valley from the mountains to the ocean. Unfortunately, where it passes us and for kilometres up and down it has been dug up for sand. The expansion of La Serena means construction material is in demand. From our house we can hear the machines during the day digging and loading up the sand and we can see the mountains of sand where there used to be trees and fields. It is very sad.


    • Superbly put in…images. Love the idea-it reminds me of an article I read few years ago in the National Geographic Magazine, about the Rhine Danube Cannel and the riveran countries now united by waters: an old Charlemagne idea, preceded by the Vikings too. Thank you for a quality spiritual moment.


    • “From our house we can hear the machines during the day
      digging and loading up the sand …” – frizztext: try to take it easy,
      put something into your ears to enjoy silence?


      • Yes, I like to listen to music. It is strange because when people visit they say it is so peaceful at our house. We have “good energy” in our house, plus the animals and green view make people feel relaxed. I think also most people don’t here real silence any more, there is always background noise. A week ago we visited family about 45min from our house in a small village and the silence was amazing. So peaceful. However my in-laws thought it was too quiet!


  3. Lovely post as always!!


  4. related:
    photo by shessen:


  5. Beautiful collection of shots… How are you enjoying your summer?


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