Berlusconism, Machiavellism and damaged democracies

The Death Of The Italian Culture

The German magazine DER SPIEGEL, No. #29, 2011/7/18, featured as main story: “BASTA.” – about Berlusconism: what I tried to discuss under the title “The Death Of The Italian Culture” – with a click upon the photo you are linked to the discussion there, supported by some Italian Flickr contacts. DER SPIEGEL introduces on his 10 pages (p.70-80) among others the philosophers Mark Lilla (Columbia University, NY), Hans Woller (Institut für Zeitgeschichte) and the Italian philosopher Flores d’Arcais. I would like to focus a while on this problems – which are actually destroying the democratic culture in Europe. You can discover a bad kind of Machiavellism not only in African or Arabian states…


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4 responses to “Berlusconism, Machiavellism and damaged democracies

    Euro crisis, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain – southern corruption and insolvency clusters


  2. 3.000 visitors from Italy reading my websites …
    7.237 from USA (one news magazine presents Obama together with Berlusconi – because both nations have insolvency problems?)


  3. Yep… it happens everywhere. No nation is immune. 🙂


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