Basic Experiences

Order and decay, solitude or love –
I like to express some basic experiences…
1order2a road of light
3solitude4flamenco, ivory + ebony
all photos by Frizztext
1 – ORDER: boxes in my bureau, Wuppertal
2 – DECAY: abandoned factory hall, Bochum
3 – SOLITUDE: Humboldt University, Berlin
4 – LOVE: Flamenco Dancers, Seville
I also like to introduce other black and white photographers, compare
Vittorio Pandolfi
Christine Lebrasseur
Alberto Fanelli
Valery Titievsky
or visit another of my own black and white portfolios at
FrizzText, B&W – I
greetings by frizztext

famous black and white B/W B&W portrait of Barack and Michelle Obama at wikipedia:
Barack and Michelle Obama
the portrait of the Obamas was uploaded by Matthias.kötter to flickr then to wikipedia

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

4 responses to “Basic Experiences

  1. Who took this? I love the sharp focus of the shot. 🙂


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