Turkmenistan 1.400 death toll

a weapons depot in Abadan, Turkmenistan, exploded on July 7th. Officials blocked media reports, that at least 1.400 were killed by exploding ammunition or rockets hitting the town nearby the arms depot. The president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguli Berdymuchamedow, tried to block every informations and talked about only 13 victims in warehouse after a fireworks explosion. Human rights organizations in the contrary told about mass graves, where hundreds of dead bodies were thrown in. Exploding rockets destroyed hospitals and schools in Abadan (50.000 inhabitants). A third of the victims – so some reported – were children.


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5 responses to “Turkmenistan 1.400 death toll

  1. thirdhandart

    Such a tragedy! A very thought provoking post.


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    dank der modernen technologien läßt sich praktisch nichts mehr verheimlichen


  3. If this is true, that’s really horrible. And then not to have a body to burry is another hit. Sad.


  4. @Wolfgang Hermann: das Verheimlichen, das mich in meinem Berufsleben immer tierisch geärgert und letztlich traumatisiert hat, finde ich fast noch schlimmer, als dass denen ihr verfluchtes Waffenlager um die Ohren geflogen ist!


  5. Terrible tragedy…


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