Whistleblower Award

W = WANTED, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.
I read at euzicasa / hintergrund that Germany gave a Whistleblower Award:

whistleblower award by Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences for Alexander Nikitin and Dr. Rainer Moormann
I am proud, that Germany gives a whistleblower award – though usually a whistleblower will be punished, at least by mobbing, mostly losing his job. Dr. Rainer Moormann gave informations about nuclear risks and Alexander Nikitin informations about the submarine Kursk disaster.

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5 responses to “Whistleblower Award

  1. And thus is our history written. I wonder how many people really have knowledge of what’s happening: Probably not too many, as it’s an exclusively secretive world up there.


    • it’s an exclusively secretive world up there.
      military, administrations – they need whistleblowers in every country. I’ve heard, there’s a law in the U.S. to protect whistleblowers? not in Germany. it’s sad, that they are fighting for the acceptance of whistleblowers by giving an award. half to the famous Russian, who analyzed the submarine Kursk disaster, other half to the German, to help him in this combination. of course in China or Iraq it is not funny to be a whistleblower. actually I’m watching what they are doing with the woman in Saudi Arabia, who fights for the right, that women are allowed to drive an automobile.


  2. Fascinating topic… it takes a lot of courage to step forward and do it…. TY!


  3. griffithinsider

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  4. actually:
    I am considering to write about the fact, that Germany will sell 200 tanks to Saudi Arabia – I am hesitating, because it is not related to the rule: MIRTH & MOTIVATION


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