Restaurant Rules

10 rules for good behavior, if you visit a restaurant:
1 – use a fork
2 – sometimes try to add the use of a knife too
3 – don’t steel food from your neighbor’s plate
4 – wait, don’t get nervous, if the waitress comes with the food
5 – wait, till the waitress has placed the plate in front of you
6 – don’t start to eat immediately, when the food has arrived, wait a little
7 – sometimes use a handkerchief to keep your forehead dry
8 – sometimes use a table-napkin for your fingers
9 – don’t forget to pay after diner
10- be polite and say goodbye when you are leaving the restaurant

watch the two dining dogs at youtube –
they try to remember all the 10 rules very well:

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5 responses to “Restaurant Rules

  1. Thanks for sharing Frizz. I know my four dogs can behave inside a restaurant, not sure about Mr. Bricks.




  2. What a riot. LOL! 🙂


  3. Very interesting post.


  4. ha! Ha! Dietmar — now you have to make new set of rules for India where most people eat with fingers 😉


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