Visitors, flags, countries

Visitors of my websites come from 132 countries – as analyzed by flagcounter – view my front-page flickrcomments – the screen-shot below introduces the 30 highest ranking flags. I’m surprised, that nearly 7.000 different visitors are located in the USA, nearly 3.000 from Italy, 2.700 from U.K., but only 2.500 from Germany, ranking on the 4th position :-)

30 flags
But I also love to notice visitors from small countries:

flagcounter 132

107. Uganda 2
108. Senegal 2
109. Djibouti 2
110. Gibraltar 2
111. Honduras 1
112. French Polynesia 1
113. Mauritius 1
114. Aland Islands 1
115. Malta 1
116. Panama 1
117. Andorra 1
118. Cameroon 1
119. Libya 1
120. Tunisia 1
121. Suriname 1
122. Georgia 1
123. Equatorial Guinea 1
124. Vanuatu 1
125. El Salvador 1
126. Sudan 1
127. Paraguay 1
128. Mongolia 1
129. Haiti 1
130. Martinique 1
131. Faroe Islands
132. Guam 1
Ahvenanmaa / Åland Islands / Ilhas Aland
related: the flag of the ” Åland Islands ”
(114. in my list above)
originally uploaded by LisbonVisitor…,
on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

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9 responses to “Visitors, flags, countries

  1. I’m thankful for 8.000 US-visitors (fresh stats today) reading my blogs
    – my own country: only 3.462;


  2. Very impressive… I love the spread of your visitors; truly international. I like that you have people from every continent… :-)
    Happy weekend!


  3. Japan is a minority here because many Japanese don’t want to read English. :smile:
    I can learn a lot from this site.


    • 316 different visitors from JAPAN – I am glad that I found you, you are learning English very fast – and I even had the honor, that you called me via skype-phone: me: “frizzskype” – thanks a lot, it has been funny to hear your voice!
      don’t copy my way of English, I fear there are many mistakes :-)


  4. Impressive indeed, so many people from so many countries (132 countris wow!)
    I enjoy visits from smaller countries, but I would like to see more people in those countries beeing either able economically, or allowed (politically) access to the internet. I feel like I understand their isolation, may be not all of their story, but the closeness around them, the isolation. I only hope I’m wrong…
    Cogratulations on your outstanding posts, and stats!


    • I would like to see more people in those countries beeing either able economically, or allowed (politically) access to the internet. I feel like I understand their isolation…
      thanks George, an interesting point of view!


  5. barb19

    I find it interesting to see where people come from who find my blog too.
    Thanks for sharing frizztext!


  6. Jackie Paulson Author

    Great stats! Loved this, thanks for sharing it Frizztext.


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