I’ve enjoyed some hang gliders in the Alps.

Things below seem to be not important anymore.

No trouble up in the air. You can forget all distress.

You are only by yourself and your dreams.

Without any luggage: you are free.

Birds know, what I’m talking about.

(My cat too. She hates birds, she’s very envy …)

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writer, photographer, guitarist

11 responses to “Free-like-a-bird

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    have a look on my flickr album to the same theme:


    :-)) wolfgang


  2. Schon die Vorstellung … Nein, fliegen ist mit Höhenangst keine wirklich praktikable Idee …


  3. I wish we could fly 😛


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  5. I love the freedom of this post!


  6. I’ve gotta get around to some hang gliding….looks like fun


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