The photographer, Eric Lafforgue, comments himself: In Soba village, the Muhacaona ( Mucawana) tribe girl. This little girl had a doll, perhaps some tourists who gave her, as there are no shops arounds! The funny thing: she has made dreadlocks on the blue eyed doll, to make her look like herself! Uploaded by Eric Lafforgue on 31 Aug 10, 4.28PM GMT-1. © Eric Lafforgue

frizztext, related to the topic EXPRESSIONISM:
I like the paintings of EMIL NOLDE very much, bought all the books, posters – and sometimes even painted self in a similar manner as Emil Nolde once did. There’s a cycle of bible related very colorful pictures featuring Maria Magdalena and other women. Sometimes I discover the same strong expression (EXPRESSIONISM / Emil Nolde) in writings, music – and photography – for example this one by Eric Lafforgue, sent to my group BLOG IT!

Blumengarten (ohne Figur), oil on canvas, 1908

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7 responses to “Expressionism

  1. related:

    by -will wilson-, San Francisco, on Flickr


  2. Very captivating photo… The Soba girl and her dolly are both wearing braids though not dreadlocks. 🙂
    The picture above is a similar idea and it works… man and his toys/companions…


  3. related:
    many postaday-topics are silly and not worth an essay. you wrote:”just having the same ideas for everybody is not what writing is supposed to be…” yes, O.K.; I’ve written today on and on – both neither related to postaday2011 topics nor to actual news; maybe the topic “chocolate or vanilla” (not meant erotically) is for those, who have completely no idea what to write about. maybe they should stop to write


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