Liberation Day

the Nationaal Archief, Harlem, The Netherland, comments:

World War II. Liberation day. People seeking shelter behind lamp-posts at Dam square Amsterdam after German troops opened fire at the celebrating masses (22 killed, 120 injured). One of the pictures from the two films that Dutch photographer Wiel van der Randen consumed during the shoot-out on Dam square. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 7, 1945. – Collectie Spaarnestad, Harlem


es ist peinlich, Deutscher zu sein, wenn man diese Zeilen liest. War es schon bestialisch, diesen Krieg anzuzetteln und zu führen, wurde noch weiter gemordet, als man Grund genug gehabt hätte, sich endlich schuldig zu fühlen …

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11 responses to “Liberation Day

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  8. omg….look at the child walking away in the square!


    • yes, the little child on the left does not realize, what’s going on. the shooting comes from the right side and all the adults try to hide behind the two lamp posts …


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