Black Hmong woman and baby, rice planting, Sapa, Vietnam
the photographer NaPix (Canada / Vietnam) explaines himself: Khu (19), planting the green rice while her 18 m. son, My Tu, is watching and waiting to be fed. Learning by watching starts early for the Hmong. Often, its a 10 hours working day… refering to the same topic NA commented also: “When I was showing my photos to a friend who knows the Hmong, he said “there is a problem with your photos… they look too happy” – They really are I said…- “but they are so poor” he replied. As we all know too well, Materialism is not necessarily the rout to happiness… ”
frizztext: what could be added? the difficulties made by increasing transport costs, flooding hurting harvests, medium-grade rice exported from Thailand? no – what I would like to add: though they surely have no electricity there: the way they care on their babies is wonderful! surely not easy for the mothers, but I believe: real fun for the babies! maybe the best way for the children, to accept a hard life later on, when they are grown…


Mehr als die Reis-Export-Ökonomie Vietnams sticht mir ins Auge die liebevolle Baby-Verwahr-Sitte des Black Hmong Volkes, Sapa, Vietnam. Sicherlich angenehm für die Babies, für die Mütter vielleicht weniger erhebend. Den Schnappschuss sehe ich sicherlich immer auch auf dem persönlichen autobiografischen Hintergrund, dass meine eigene Mutter mich im Alter von drei Wochen einfach in ein Kinderheim abgeschoben hat. Die Überlebenschance für Heimkinder betrug damals im Nachkriegsdeutschland 1945 schmale 5 Prozent …

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  2. Hi Frizztext,
    I come here but I find your blog difficult to navigate. How do I access the most recent post for example? K


  3. hi mybusinessaddiction, I’ve changed now the category name (right side) from “chronology” to “most recent”. I hope visitors can navigate easier. thanks for your advice!


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