Gasaanvalbestendige kinderwagen / Gas war resistant pram

Gas war resistant pram – Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief

If we are looking back, we have to admit, there is some progress in civilization. Barack Obama and the former Soviet Union, decide, to keep less nuclear weapons up to date. But still we have an overkill situation on this planet. But the advancement is at least, that we all have forgotten, what could be. We don’t like to remember worst case scenarios. Maybe even we can smile in the meantime about all those fears in the minds of human beings in the last century. Let’s hope, that the years after 2000 give more peace and justice. That no mother or father has to beg for a gas war resistant pram, built 1938, England, Hextable. Thanks to the Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo in Haarlem, The Netherlands, for sharing (and inspiring some thoughts about progress).



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8 responses to “Progress

  1. Great to hear our photos inspired you to write this blog post. We’ve just uploaded a new set on poverty that might interest you as well.

    Yvette Hoitink
    Webteam Nationaal Archief


  2. How quickly we forget and thanks for the reminder. A toxic world with toxic people is no fun. We must all remain vigilant. How are you doing?


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  7. With all the fractling…Who knows, we may need them. Thanks for your photo.


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