Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

For this week’s photo challenge LOVE I’ve chosen the LOVE LOCKS of Cologne, Germany:
locks in Cologne
photo by frizztext, click on the picture, to enter my galleries on flickr
compare a street shot, I took on the same day nearby:
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I'm part of Post A Day 2013
about LOVE LOCKS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_padlocks
love locks are in Rome, Vrnjačka_Banja (Serbia), Moscow, Paris, Helsinki, Salzburg, Munich, Pécs (Hungary), Guam, Montevideo, Seoul, Tokyo, Kiev, Seville, Toronto etc.
there you can read: “Love locks have also appeared in Florence, Rome (Ponte Milvio), Guam, Montevideo, Seoul, Tokyo, Kiev, Seville and other major cities. In Rome the practise was given a huge boost in 2006 by a romantic movie called ‘Ho Voglia di Te’…”
also related:

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49 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

  1. Now I *need* to know if there is anyplace in Canada that does this!

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  2. Thanks for the links. I’ve seen love locks in Madrid and along the Cinque Terre in Italy and I didn’t know what they meant.

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  4. That whole story started a few years ago in Florence, Italy on the Old Bridge and it became such a nuisance that authorities had to forbid it.

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  5. I love that intimate street shot.

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  6. they are everywhere…these locks.
    I really love the second image…just how love should look

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  7. Hard to believe they haven’t done this theme for a challenge before. Love your second photo.

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  9. Veronica Roth

    Aw, that second photo is very sweet. Nicely done. :)

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  11. ‘ve walked this path in Cologne many times, a beautiful sight
    - it’s probably banned in Denmark… ‘hahaha’

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  13. I really love your second photo. The two people in the foreground are so obviously delighting in each other’s company, and I think the woman behind them is just a little envious.

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  14. In China they have love locks too. They’re at the temples.

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  17. I love ++++ the innocent shot in street!! I’m not sure , really I don’t like the concept of ‘Love Locks’ ….Love is freedom and not to be ‘locked’ …

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  18. Hi Frizz,
    I’ve seen the Locks of Love on Ponte Vecchio in Florence–even feature them in a scene of the novel I’m working on–so it was fun to see them in your post. I also really appreciate the photo of the couple.

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  19. ohw..the 2nd photo is so romantic

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  20. Amy

    Beautiful photo of a love story!

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  21. Love love love. Best to you from Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoy my Airedale love.


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  22. What happens with the locks after the end of the love /?

    Seen in antalya – turkey:

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  23. That second shot says it all. A very sweet couple, and a great shot.

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  26. interesting. i had never heard of them

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  29. http://eof737.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/weekly-photo-challenge-love/
    “Love pulls people together…” – and encourages, gives motivation, positive energy, helps to develop creativity, supports our humor …

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  31. Zen

    The lock idea is great, but i am just wondering, what if the couple got separated.. hehe weird thinkin’

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  35. That’s quite a lizard on the lock–and the candid shot on the street is beautiful. A great post.

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  36. Perfect for the challenge… ;-)

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  39. A heart warming picture to see couple in sweet surrender. As for the lock, it’s invasive.

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