Cool Ride

Sally Walton, U.K., took this photo in Morocco. She likes African music. Don’t know if British women like to wear black clothes with a Fes in the North African heat. But I read Sally and her husband went swimming with humpback whales… wow, that’s cool. But I’m sure the little family – father, daughter and mom in black – they felt cool on their bike too!
title=”Fes” – photo shot in Morocco by Sallyrango / Sally Walton, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr
P.S. by Frizz: it’s a great composition, graphically, and a wonderful moment in a young family’s life, full of hope and motivation to care for each other (and maybe says something about a level of women’s liberation, which should be developed – at least by a changing dress code?) …
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10 responses to “Cool Ride

  1. Wow, I looked at this photo and then moved on to the narrative and THAT’S when I realized there was a woman on the back of the bike! What does that say? That my observation skills are that bad or that the “dress code”, which makes women pretty much invisible, is pretty darned effective?


  2. Nothing would compel me to conform. Interesting photo, Frizz. Happy weekend to you.


  3. Amy

    I always, always wonder about the “dress code”…


  4. I believe there are many loose ends of the rope, more than 2 – and many different motives for interfering with others’ attire – I wonder if it is done for the sake of women or for other reasons … ;-)


  5. That is one cool ride captured!


  6. Here is my cool ride picture from Europe: ]


  7. Love this picture.

    Andere Länder , andere Sitten.
    Was ist richtig, was ist falsch ?
    Das kann nur vor Ort von den Betroffenen beurteilt werden.
    Oder zum Beispiel das Kopftuch:
    In meiner Jugend am Land trugen alle älteren Frauen ein Kopftuch, das gäbe heute einen Aufstand , wenn das heute unausgesprochenes Gesetz wäre.


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