Interracial Chat

interracial dialogue
Interracial dialogue – sometimes a little bit difficult, but at least they both try: Yesterday I saw my cat and my chicken having a dialogue, meeting each other at the garden window. After an upload to my flickr photo-stream some of my friends made comments to the interracial dialogue: yukkycakes from Australia wrote: “I’m guessing they have a huge language barrier!” msamaclean = Melanie (mixed ancestors: part German, part Cherokee) from USA added related to the LANGUAGE bridge: “They can speak ‘chat’= chicken & cat!” ;-/ Marina from Moscow wrote: “The hen looks even more curious than the cat!! And you are right – we are so different, but we must try!”
me, sending easter-mails
photo: me, writing to you, learning English; Will Wilson from San Francisco noticed: “So cheerful!” My reply: “cheerful – a new word for me, learning English: yes, Will, I tried not to be glum ‘n gloomy, so I made a joyous fake.” The German SPIEGEL magazine proudly presented even more Easter Eggs than my wife at our kitchen window:,1518,824882,00.html – title of the DPA-photo: EGG-STASY!!! I don’t know if this message will be understood in other nations with other religions? Some dialogues have to climb over huge barriers. But, as my favorite writer G.C. Lichtenberg once (300 years ago) mentioned: “better with words than with swords”. In modern times: better with pictures than with projectiles.

a photo, sent kindly to my group BLOG IT! by Anthony Cronin
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A moment of Connection
a photo, sent kindly to my group BLOG IT! by maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff
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title=”No, It’s that way!”
No, It's that way!
P.S.: looking at this shot I remember me, having a map in hand, but upside down, trying to find out, where I could be in Flushing/Queens New York. It was night and I was desperated. Then a black woman came near and said to me: “You are holding the map upside down, look you are exactly: HERE!” As I said thank you, with a red face, she answered: “No problem, when I was in Berlin, I sometimes felt the same like you …”
a photo, sent kindly to my group BLOG IT! by Luigi Frappi
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Luigi & Annabel

photo: by frizztext, musicians: Michael Hügel & Nina Nyembwe
Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson
photo: by frizztext, musicians: Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson

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