Things I’ve (never) done

NY twin towers 1997

photo by Frizztext
I’ve been amused by some bloggers’ project to write about 22 “things-ive-never-done”. 22? beg your pardon, too much, how about 4?
1 – Visit Cuba
2 – Skydiving over Australia
3 – Using a submarine
4 – Shipping to Antarctis
Port Lockroy and the Europa.
(photo by Peter G Hall, on Flickr; title=”Port Lockroy and the Europa.)
Maybe I should try to organize that. The sense of the project seems to be, to make us curious to step into future by supporting a consistent positive motivation as part of our character. But to support this it is also a good strategy, to remember 4 (22?) things we’ve done. For example:
1 – I climbed a mountain to watch hang gliders
2 – I sat on the top of my Volkswagen
3 – I took a heli for a flight over Manhattan
4 – I played Banjo with eyes closed
1Berchtesgaden Jenner hangglider2my timeline 1945 - 2010
3NY twin towers 19974Sepia, self portrait with Banjo
4 photos via by Frizztext

one video of what I’ve done:

one video about what I missed, because I’ve never done

(found on youtube via Elizabeth Obih-Frank):


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